REV. Carolle Bobale

As the bearer of the WOMEN OF FIRE vision, the Lord has established her and filled her with many characteristics:
                                                                      Wife and mother
Mother of 3 wonderful children, she is a charming woman, who in her walk with the Holy Spirit is softened by her husband Conrad Bobale. To the delight of her family she is also an accomplished cook but above all a mother on fire for Jesus.
                                                                      Spiritual mother
Reverend Carolle Bobale falls into the category of people who do what they say. She practices forgiveness and love towards her children and her neighbour. She is especially known for her availability, always having a listening ear. Her affection is so real that you feel her carrying your burden with you.

                                                              Disciple of the Lord: Sacrifice and Obedience

Reverend Carolle always responds to the mission entrusted to her. She is a Spirit-filled woman who loves Jesus with all her heart. Neither the loss of her first child, nor illness, nor life's circumstances have separated her from the love of Christ and will not be able to separate her from it.

                                                              Woman of fire
Reverend Carolle Bobale rises and shines (Isaiah 60:1). A strong warrior in the army of the Lord, she has accepted the mission to spiritually awaken women. To accompany them in their restoration so that they become aware of the important role they play in God's plan.